Getting Started 


Please take a moment to complete our short, Mental Health Screening form by clicking the button below.  Once submitted, we will review your screening form and one of our licensed providers will contact you to schedule your free 20-minute consultation. 

What To Expect  

Your First Call

We know this phone call is a big step, thank you for taking it and prioritizing your care! When you call, you will be asked to provide your identifying and contact information. Time will be spent gathering initial details about what you are looking for, and an initial evaluation will be scheduled based on your availability.

Your First Appointment

Your first session will be an opportunity for you and your psychologist to get to know each other. We prioritize this relationship and want to make sure you feel comfortable working with your provider. Time will be spent reviewing your intake form together to ensure that it is comprehensive and complete. Deciding on a direction and next steps will be a collaborative conversation and, depending on what the primary concerns are, may go in a number of directions. For example, we may recommend comprehensive psychological testing, have a rationale for you to participate in group therapy, or we may identify other areas requiring attention before you would be able to benefit from treatment with us.