The Clarity Center Specializes In Treating
Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders

First Responders/Active and Former Military Personnel

Our clinical psychologists has specialty experience treating first responders (e.g., firefighters, police, EMT), as well as active/former military personnel. Our providers have years of experience working closely with first responders and military personnel for a variety of mental health concerns and understand the nuances of their occupational demands.


We offer discounts to our first responders, active military members, Veterans, and family members. Please call for more information!


We conduct the following services:


  • Pre-Employment Evaluations

  • Fitness-for-Duty Examinations

  • Employee Assistant Programs

  • Individual/Couples/Family Counseling

  • Consultation for Organizations and Agencies

  • Trainings for First Responders

  • Trainings for Mental Health Providers to Build Competency Working with First Responders and Military Personnel

  • Suicide Prevention Presentations


Drs. Kohalmi, Vega, and Johnson are also co-founders of a non-profit, the International Association of Fire Service Behavioral Health. Please see our website ( for additional information and Facebook page for our mini-lecture series on topics, such as sleep, stress, chronic pain, suicide prevention, coping during the holidays, burnout during COVID-19, and communication.